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Smoke Alarms Are Important

Teach your family the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home and how to respond in an emergency.

Lesson 2

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Smoke Alarms Are Important

Preparing for Your Lesson

You’re in control of each lesson!

Review materials and use our Digital Companion to help your family complete each lesson:

*The digital companion is best view with Google Chrome using a laptop or tablet

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Objectives of This Lesson

Smoke alarms save lives. Learn the importance of having working smoke alarms at home and what to do if the smoke alarm starts beeping.

  • Learn the importance of having working smoke alarms—they should be installed on every level of the home, outside each sleeping area, and in each bedroom
  • Smoke alarms should always have working batteries
  • Identify the sound a smoke alarm makes
  • Emphasize the four steps to take if the smoke alarm sounds: stop what you’re doing, choose the best way out of the room, get outside quickly, and head to your meeting place
  • Practice what to do if a smoke alarm starts beeping
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GGetting Ready for Your Lesson

*Use your smoke alarm or click here to watch a smoke alarm video.

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Activities Optional

Review what was learned in the Don’t Touch Matches and Lighters lesson. Activate prior knowledge by asking students what they know about smoke alarms and whether or not they have ever seen or heard one. Review the four steps to take if the smoke alarm sounds.

Discuss the sounds the smoke alarm makes; you can have younger students practice the sounds. Gather the students in one area and activate the smoke alarm or play the video below. Have students practice meeting in a designated safe place. Complete the Smoke Alarm Checklist together and provide each student with a copy to take home.

Smoke Alarm Video

Daily Journal Optional

Following the activities at the end of the lesson, take some time to reflect on what your family has learned about smoke alarms.

Ready for your Lesson?

Remember to print lesson materials and review activity overviews!

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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