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Your Escape Plan

Everyone in the home should help create an escape plan and practice it regularly. Teach students that families should walk through the home, inspect possible exits, and identify two ways out of every room. Remember to go low, go under smoke, and get out fast!

Lesson 3

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Your Escape Plan

Preparing for Your Lesson

Each lesson is designed to take approximately 20 minutes of educator or parent preparation and 30 minutes of classroom time. You can adjust the lessons as needed in order to better serve your students and incorporate into your existing curriculum.

We’ve created the modules below to help you better understand the content:


20-25 minutes

Lesson & Discussion:

15-25 minutes


10-20 minutes

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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Objectives of This Lesson

Students should learn that part of their fire escape plan should also include establishing a safe meeting place for everyone in their household.

  • Everyone plays an important role in fire safety- everyone in the household should help create an escape plan and practice is regularly
  • Learn that families should walk through the home, inspect all possible exits, and identify two possible exits in every room—example of two exits would be a door and a window
  • Practice your escape plan—if there is smoke or fire blocking your first exit, use the second exit
  • Remember to go low under smoke and get out fast!
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Choose an Activity

Review what was learned in the Smoke Alarms Save Lives lesson and remind children where to keep smoke alarms. Then activate knowledge on escape plans by asking students what they already know about fire escape plans. Explain that even schools need to have two ways out of each classroom and have students help identify exits and create an escape plan for the classroom.
Give your students the Get Outside activity sheet, having them use the markers to mark the smoke alarm in red and two exits in green. Remind students that they may use a window as the second exit if two doors are not accessible. Have students discuss how they get outside in case of a fire and learn what it means to stay outside. Remind students they should never go back inside for any reason.
Review the How to Make a Home Fire Escape Plan activity sheet with students. Help them identify two ways out of the room in the sample escape plan. Send the activity home with students; they will create and practice a home fire escape plan with their families.

Daily Journal

Following the activities at the end of the lesson, the students should take some time to reflect on what they’ve learned about safe and unsafe items. As a class, take a few minutes to have the students write about the lesson in their journals.

Ready for your Lesson?

Remember to print lesson materials and review activity overviews!

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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