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Establish Your Meeting Place

Just like every home must be equipped with smoke alarms and every family prepared with a fire escape plan, students should also learn the importance of establishing a meeting place. A meeting place is a permanent location a safe distance from the home—such as a streetlight, mailbox, or a neighbor’s home. Everyone should head to the meeting place in an emergency so the household is together and grown-ups know everyone is safe.

Lesson 4

Establish your meeting place
Establish Your Meeting Place

Preparing for Your Lesson

Each lesson is designed to take approximately 20 minutes of educator or parent preparation and 30 minutes of classroom time. You can adjust the lessons as needed in order to better serve your students and incorporate into your existing curriculum.

We’ve created the modules below to help you better understand the content:


20-25 minutes

Lesson & Discussion:

15-25 minutes


10-20 minutes

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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Objectives of This Lesson

Students should learn that part of their fire escape plan should also include establishing a safe meeting place for everyone in their household. We’ve created the modules below to help you better understand the content:

  • Every home fire escape plan needs an outside meeting place where everyone can meet together so the grown-ups know everyone is safe
  • Learn examples of a good meeting place—including a mailbox, streetlight, or neighbor’s home
  • Understand the importance of having a home fire escape plan and describe the family meeting place
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Choose an Activity

Review what was learned in the Practice Your Escape Plan lesson and remind the students the importance of establishing and practicing their plans.
Have a discussion with students about the importance of having a safe meeting place as part of their home fire escape plan. Ask students what they think they should do once they are outside safely. Use this opportunity to explain what a safe meeting place is and review good examples of meeting places.
Give every student a copy of the Stay Outside activity sheet. Let the students think of a meeting place for their home, having the students work independently. As they complete their plans, open up a class discussion to allow students to share what they’ve learned.

Optional: Their Get Outside and Stay Outside activity sheets can be mounted together on a piece of construction paper to display their completed fire escape plan.

Daily Journal

Following the activities at the end of the lesson, the students should take some time to reflect on what they’ve learned about safe and unsafe items. As a class, take a few minutes to have the students write about the lesson in their journals.

Ready for your Lesson?

Remember to print lesson materials and review activity overviews!

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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