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You Did It!

You made it through the Junior Fire Marshal® Training Academy. Complete the final assessment and get ready to celebrate as the newest Junior Fire Marshal!

Final Assessment
& Ceremony

You Did It!
You Did It!

The Final Assessment

Use the final assessment to review what your child has learned from each lesson throughout the Junior Fire Marshal® Training Academy.

Time to Celebrate!

You did it! Together with your family, you have helped to deputize a new Junior Fire Marshal. Celebrate all of their newfound knowledge and celebrate your child’s victory!

It’s important that your child understands that safety continues even after the lesson has ended. They should keep all of their fire safety tips top-of-mind and keep practicing their fire safety plans.

Hang It on the Fridge: Show Off Your Junior Fire Marshal® Training Academy Certificate!

Download & Print Certificates

Ready for your Lesson?

Remember to print lesson materials and review activity overviews!

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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