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“If you can impact one student’s life, that’s incredible!”

- Barbara Fisher, First Grade Teacher, Seiberling Community Learning Center, Akron, OH

For more than 70 years, the Junior Fire Marshal® Training Academy has deputized more than 111 million Junior Fire Marshals! Our goal is to deputize 3.5 million more by 2022 to help increase safety in some of our most vulnerable neighborhoods and help save lives.

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Interested in The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal® Training Academy for Your Child?

If you’d like your child to participate in the Junior Fire Marshal® Training Academy, you can encourage their school to add the program to their curriculum or you can complete the curriculum at home with your child. We've put together an overview of the program to better understand the content of each lesson along with certificates of completion to print at home.

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What Your Child Will Learn

This program is designed to be modular, giving you the ability to control pace and timing. Each lesson can be taught in as little as 20 minutes or scaled up to 90 minutes, split across 5 days or completed in just one, depending on the excitement and engagement of your child. Your role will be to teach and guide your child through the curriculum and help them assess their comprehension at the end.

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