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Matches and Lighters Are for Grown-Ups

Fire prevention starts with fire safety basics. Teach your children that certain things are made to start fires; these everyday items are dangerous and only for adults.

Lesson 1

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Matches and Lighters Are for Grown-Ups

Preparing for Your Lesson

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Review materials and use our Digital Companion to help your family complete each lesson:

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Objectives of This Lesson

Matches and lighters can get hot. Teach your children that they are dangerous, and they should tell a grown-up if they find matches or a lighter.

  • Learn there are things inside and outside of the home that are hot or can get hot
  • Identify things that are hot or can get hot—including bath water, stoves, fireplaces, coffee, soup, matches, lighters, and many other things
  • Learn to stay away from hot things—don’t touch anything hot and, if you are unsure if something is hot, stay away and check with a grown-up
  • If you find matches or lighters, walk away and tell a grown-up
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Activities (Optional)

Place trays or baskets labeled “Safe” and “Unsafe” on the table. Hold up pictures of items and call on students to tell you where the item goes. If it is safe, invite the student to place the item in the safe basket. If the item is unsafe, you can place it in the unsafe basket. Review the results, reinforcing that lighters or matches should only be touched by grown-ups.
Give the students the What Should I Do? worksheet and invite them to critically look at the pictures and draw a solution to the problem. Upon completion, review the situations and proper solutions as a class.

Daily Journal (Optional)

Following the activities at the end of the lesson, take some time to reflect on what your family has learned about safe and unsafe items.

Ready for your Lesson?

Remember to print lesson materials and review activity overviews!

*The digital companion is best viewed on smartboards, laptops and tablets.

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